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RAESep Tubes

Quick-reading, compound-specific gas and vapor measurement

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Use these tubes with the UltraRAE 3000 + and previous generation models to test for specific compounds, including benzene in oil refinery processes and butadiene in polymer and rubber manufacturing. When used with RAESep tubes, the UltraRAE 3000 + photoionization detector, equipped with a 9.8eV PID lamp, can get a benzene snapshot in 60 seconds, or deliver a full STEL measurement over a 15 minute period. Features and Benefits: • Available for benzene and butadiene • Compatible with 9.8eV PID in the UltraRAE 3000 + and previous generation models • Benzene snapshot in 60 seconds • Full STEL reading in 15 minutes Application: • Confined Space Entry • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Exploration • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
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  • Brand : RAE
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Monitoring Benzene and Choosing an Appropriate Monitor for Personal Protection and Compliance with Exposure Limits
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Technical Note 127 Benzene-Specific Measurements In Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using The RAE Systems UltraRAE 3000
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UltraRAE And UltraRAE 3000 Operation Tips
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UltraRAE Butadiene-Specific Measurements
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Humidity Filtering II Tube For PID Measurements In Humid Environments
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