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Wireless infrastructure to enable larger networks and remote alarms

This versatile, fixed-head wireless device can play a variety of roles in an advanced wireless infrastructure. RAEPoint can serve as a stand-alone, DC-powered, explosion-proof wireless router for a mesh network. As a remote relay, it can be configured to extend the range of the network and increase redundancy as an additional node. Separate versions are compatible with either fixed MeshGuard detectors or wireless portable detectors such as the MultiRAE and ToxiRAE Pro. Certified for Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments, and with an optional alarm bar with two xenon strobes and a 110-decibel horn, RAEPoint can provide fast, always-on access to vital monitor data. Features and Benefits: • Multi-function, fixed-head wireless infrastructure component • Can serve as wireless router or remote relay • Optional internal relays to trigger alarms or process controls • Optional alarm bar with two xenon strobes and 110-decibel horn • Requires D/C power source • Class I, Division 1 certified for hazardous environments Application: • Fence Line Monitoring • Worker Exposure
  • Sub-Category : Accessories
  • Brand : RAE
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RAEPoint Fixed-Head Wireless Infrastructure Datasheet
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