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RAEMesh Reader

Use a PC to monitor and control wireless detectors in real time

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Turn any laptop or desktop PC into a wireless controller for MeshGuard monitors with this wireless solution. Using either an RS 232 serial or Ethernet port, the RAEMesh Reader transmits wireless sensor data to a PC running ProRAE Guardian software. Designed for indoor use in non-hazardous environments, the RAEMesh Reader also has an optional outdoor antenna and 30-foot cable to extend signal range. Features and Benefits: • Turns PC into a wireless controller • RS232 or Ethernet connection • Optional outdoor antenna • 30-foot cable can extend range Application: • Exploration • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around • Worker Exposure
  • Sub-Category : Accessories
  • Brand : RAE
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MeshGuard Accessories Tools That Enhance Your MeshGuard Monitoring Network
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RAEMesh Reader 900MHz User's Guide (Russian)
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Basics of Wireless Security
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