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Mesh Router

Network range extender for wireless monitors

Mesh Router_6
This versatile signal booster extends the range of your MeshGuard monitoring system to allow transmission and receipt of monitor readings and alarm statuses over a larger total area. The MeshRouter can also be used during deployment of a MeshGuard system to find the optimal locations for monitors, since it displays the wireless signal strength of connected monitors. Up to three MeshRouters can be combined to extend the communication range between monitors and the EchoView Host from 330 feet (100 meters) to up to .6 miles (1 kilometer). The rugged housing makes it effective for Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments. The unit can operate for 10 or more days with the internal battery and 45 or more days with an external PowerPak for continuous reliability. Features and Benefits: • Extends mesh network range • Transmits monitor data and alarm status • Displays real-time wireless signal strength • Class I, Division 1 certified for hazardous environments • Runs for 10+ days with internal battery, up to 45+ days with external RAE PowerPak Application: • Exploration • Fence Line Monitoring • Fracking • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
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  • Brand : RAE
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MeshGuard Accessories Tools That Enhance Your MeshGuard Monitoring Network
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Mesh Router User's Guide
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MeshGuard Network Deployment Guide Network Configurations Using The FMC2000 Controller & MeshGuards
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Intrinsic Safety And Hazardous Locations
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Basics of Wireless Security
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