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Humidity Filtering II Tube

Reduce humidity for accurate VOC measurement

Humidity Filtering II Tube_8
Ensure accurate measurements of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) even in wet or humid conditions with this pumped monitor attachment. The Humidity Filtering II Tube uses a solid absorbent to remove moisture from gas samples that can cause photo-ionization detector (PID) readings to drift. The drying process doesn’t impact readings of most VOCs, making it especially useful for measuring chlorinated solvents during soil and water mediation, and for measuring VOCs at often-humid landfill sites. The tube lasts for up to half an hour of continuous use. Features and Benefits: • Enables monitoring for VOCs even in extremely humid and moist conditions • Uses solid absorbent to remove moisture • Attaches to the Flex-I-Probe inlet • Uses same adaptor used for ppbRAE 3000 VOC zeroing tubes Application: • Emergency Response • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Hazmat Response • Leak Detection • Urban Search & Rescue • Venue Protection
  • Sub-Category : Gas Tubes
  • Brand : Honeywell
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