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AreaRAE Steel

Transportable, wireless multi-gas monitor designed for wide-area harsh environments

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Whether you’re establishing a perimeter at an incident site or need to deploy semi-fixed monitors around your facility, the AreaRAE Steel provides real-time wireless measurements for a range of potential threats. With a PID sensor for VOCs, an LEL sensor for combustible gases, an oxygen sensor, and two user-selectable sensors for toxic gases such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide, you can deploy the monitor and replace sensors when circumstances change. The transportable AreaRAE Steel monitor is rugged and can run on battery, A/C power, and solar power with SolarRAE. This industry-leading wireless area monitor can also be combined with the ProRAE Guardian software, PlumeRAE, other third-party software solutions, and as part of the AreaRAE RDK for a more comprehensive view. Features and Benefits: • Wireless multi-gas monitor • Rugged, portable, and weather-resistant for harsh environments • Monitors up to five threats, including VOCs, combustibles, toxics, and oxygen • Wireless technology sends real-time data to command station up to two miles (3km) away • Built-in sampling pump • GPS optional • Compatible with AreaRAE monitoring system
  • Sub-Category : Transportable
  • Brand : RAE
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AreaRAE Steel Data Sheet
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AreaRAE Steel Z1 Data Sheet
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AreaRAE Steel Z1 Rapidly Deployable, Wireless Multi-gas Monitor Datasheet
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RAE Systems PID Training Outline
1.1 MB
Measuring Ammonia (NH3) With Photoionization Detectors
655.57 KB
PIDs As HazMat Response Tools
1.26 MB
Pulp & Paper: Measuring Turpentine & ClO2
949.44 KB
Measuring Heat Transfer Fluids With A PID
831.71 KB
PIDs For Continuous Monitoring Of VOCs
826.32 KB
Using PIDs For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys
1.1 MB
Gas Detection In The Marine Industries
889.61 KB
Using PIDs In Terrorist Chemical Attacks
1.07 MB
Measurement Of Fumigants In The Food Storage Industry
901.23 KB
Using PIDs To Assess Exposure Risk In Unknown Environments
964.69 KB
Facility And Venue Protection
1.1 MB
AreaRAE Inert for Inert Gas Confined Space Entry
964.14 KB
Measurement Of PGMEA Using Photoionization Detectors
750.69 KB
Measuring PID Correction Factors For Volatile Compounds With RAE Systems Instruments
624.76 KB
CO Sensor Cross Sensitivity And Removal With A Charcoal Filter
785.03 KB
Special Diagnostic Modes For RAE Systems Instruments
899.6 KB
Setting Alarm Limits For Mixtures
788.84 KB
Handling LEL Sensor Poisons
802.3 KB
Turning On UV Lamps In A PID Monitor
787.56 KB
Effects Of Operating Conditions On Oxygen Sensors
839.29 KB
Moisture Exchange Tubes For Humidity Control Of Test Gases
1.08 MB
Conversion Of PID Readings To Methane Equivalent Or Hexane Equivalent FID Response
950.56 KB
Chemical Warfare Agent Measurements By PID
884.71 KB
Intrinsic Safety And Hazardous Locations
884.37 KB
Humidity Effect on PID Instruments
944.48 KB
Combating Drift In Portable And Fixed PIDs
930.69 KB
Proper Use Of Dilution Fittings On Pumped Monitors
1.02 MB
Decontamination Procedures For Monitors Exposed To Chemical Warfare Agents
814.93 KB
Humidity Filtering II Tube For PID Measurements In Humid Environments
1.09 MB
Basics of Wireless Security
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