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The Safety Brief. News on Regulations, Events and More

Time is precious, so I'm going to be brief - how about a curated list of the latest safety news? We thought you’d like catch up on industry events, regulatory changes and trending safety topics, so we’ve curated a list of massively popular headlines from the past month.

Without further ado, these are the top industrial safety news of August:

1.       OSHA’s Safe+Sound week

The week of 12 - 18th August was dedicated to the annual, nationwide event hosted by OSHA. Some 2500 US-based participants signed up to organize activities and events within their worker community to re-state their commitment to safety. See this year’s participants, here.

2.       Workplace fatality investigations on the rise

OSHA made more “fatality inspections” in the 2018 fiscal year than in any other year in their last decade-plus of operation, a new OSHA report reveals. The agency performed 32,023 inspections in 2018, a 1.2% drop compared to 2017. Of those inspections, however, 941 were categorized as “catastrophes” or “fatalities.”

3.       ISEA launched Safe Hands at Work campaign

ISEA launched an awareness and education campaign to remind workers and employers about hand safety. The organization also released an industry-wide standard designed for industrial gloves to protect workers. The new standard — ANSI/ISEA 138-2019, American National Standard for Performance and Classification for Impact Resistant Hand Protection — builds upon the widely-used ANSI/ISEA 105-2016, American National Standard for Hand Protection Classification.

Visit for more details.

4.       Workplace injuries increase suicide and opioid-related deaths

Researchers found that workplace injuries raise a person’s risk of suicide or death by overdose. The NIOSH study titled “Suicide and drug‐related mortality following occupational injury” looks at compensation data for 100,806 workers injured between 1994 - 2000, in New Mexico. For men, a lost‐time injury was associated with a 72% increased risk of suicide and a 29% increase in the risk of drug‐related death. Read more, here.

5.       Silica standard under scrutiny

OSHA may be re-considering the circumstances of complying to the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction. To limit silica exposure more effectively, the agency wants to ask for information on additional engineering and work practice control methods, as well as construction equipment that generates silica.

6.       Heat exposure standard demands

Some 130 organizations signed a petition to demand stronger protections for workers exposed to extreme heat. The petition calls for a heat protection standard that includes mandatory rest breaks, hydration and access to cooling spaces. An average of more than 2.2 million workers in the agriculture or construction industries work in extreme heat each day. Read and sign the petition, here.

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Alexandra Serban
Content Marketing Specialist
Alexandra Serban is the Content Marketing Specialist for Honeywell Industrial Safety. A seasoned writer and digital storyteller, she is learning and reporting on industrial safety news, trends and products.