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How We Protect Big-Event Venues From Multiple Threats

While football players were clashing on the gridiron in Miami this weekend, safety professionals had only one thing in mindvenue protection. More specifically, protecting the 65,000-plus people in attendance.

Anywhere big crowds gather at high-profile events around the world, extra security precautions must be put in place. For Honeywell Industrial Safety, this typically means providing an added layer of protection from multiple potential threats. These include the accidental or deliberate release of dangerous industrial chemicals, toxic or flammable gas, and radiation.

Honeywell is behind the scenes at most of the big events, including the Olympics, World Series, NASCAR racing, city marathons, national political conventions and more. We work in close collaboration with first responders and federal, state and local governmental authorities. A lot of planning and coordinating is done in advance of, during and after these events to ensure the site is safe and secure.

How we protect venue sites

We employ a mix of Honeywell BW and Honeywell RAE gas monitors.

Connectivity is central to the design. Real-time status on each of the monitors – which are placed strategically throughout the complex – can be overseen on a map of the stadium on a computer as well as satellite photos and global positioning systems (GPS) at a command center offsite. If there is ever an alarm, our advanced software can pinpoint the location so authorities can concentrate on that area and resolve any potential issues.

These big events generate a lot of news, but from our perspective, no news is good news.  In other words, we work quietly and unobtrusively behind the scene to provide an extra layer of safety that helps produce the desired outcome: 65,000-plus people enjoying an event uninterrupted, then returning home to their families safely.

Providing that extra layer of safety—a critical line of defense as a trusted partner in gas monitoring— is a great motivation for us to come to work every day at Honeywell Gas Analysis & Safety.

Tom Rozema is the General Manager of Honeywell Gas Analysis & Safety Business in the Americas. He oversees the entire product life cycle, from product design through marketing and Sales, of the company's portfolio of gas detection instruments, Electrical Safety Gear and First Responder products.