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Noise Monitoring Headsets

VS321 VeriShield subscription ( Safety Suite 2-year subscription + VS321 headset)

VS321 VeriShield subscription ( Safety Suite 2-year subscription + VS321 headset)

VS321 VeriShield subscription ( Safety Suite 2-year subscription + VS321 headset)_1
VS321 VeriShield subscription ( Safety Suite 2-year subscription + VS321 headset)
  • VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution components
    • There are three complementary components which make up the VSHS solution:
      • Hearing Protection Headset Provides hearing protection and collects noise exposure data. Noise exposure data is individual, and both environmental as well as under the hearing protector
      • Mobile App Displays noise exposure data for workers and supervisors, and sends data to the cloud
      • Web Portal Analyzes, stores, and presents the data in a user-friendly interface, and provides actionable insights for safety professionals
  • A simple subscription service will allow you to benefit from all the components of the solution.
  • VeriShield™ 300 Series Headsets
    • Hearing protection is the first function of the VeriShield™ 300 Series, but not the last. A choice of equipment formats and connectivity options allows you to choose the device best suited to your needs.
    • The VS321 Over-the-Head Headset features:
      • Sound exposure monitoring with integrated noise exposure sensors (internal and external noise levels)
      • Passive noise attenuation
      • Over-exposure to noise is communicated by audio and visual alerts on the headset
      • Transfer of exposure data to the mobile app via Bluetooth LE
      • Connectivity to the VSHS data service and web app
      • Hear-through function also includes output level limiting
      • Integrated fit testing
      • Rechargeable batteries
      • Music connectivity to a phone via a wired 3.5mm jack
  • VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution Mobile App
    • Using the mobile app not only enables supervisors to monitor the noise-level exposure of their teams or individual workers, but also lets the workers themselves view their noise exposure.
    • Data is gathered from the integrated sensors in the VeriShield™ 300 Series Headsets and is then converted into a visual display of exposure. This will be visible both on the supervisor’s mobile phone for all headsets within range, and on the wearer’s own mobile phone.
    • Easy-access controls provide control of app features such as reset dose, fit testing, calibration, firmware updates and headset /cloud database synchronization.
  • Safety Suite Software Web Portal
    • Data on noise-level exposure only has value when it is analyzed, reported, shared, and acted upon. Safety Suite is the central component of the VSHS solution, where data is collected and analyzed to provide actionable insights for safety professionals.
    • Noise-level exposure information is collected from the VeriShield™ 300 Series Headsets and stored in the cloud
    • The data collected is processed into a form where it can be more easily interpreted and analyzed
    • The data is analyzed to generate actionable insights and enable:
      • report creation to motivate users to wear hearing protection
      • identification of at-risk workers, for corrective action assistance
      • work environment analysis to provide inputs for engineering controls
      • easy access to historical noise exposure records in the event of safety audits or legal claims
      • automatic reports for user notification
      • identification of trends, for early indications of future issues
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