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Grounding Equipment

Bronze Cutout Clamps with Ferrule Connection

Bronze Cutout Clamps with Ferrule Connection

Bronze Cutout Clamps with Ferrule Connection_1
Bronze Cutout Clamp "V" Thread, Eye with ferrule connection Features & Benefits: ● Cutout Clamps are applied with a clampstick into the bottom hinge contact of a cutout. This clamp can be used as part of a ground assembly or by using a contact stud using a standard grounding assembly with “C” clamps from the stud to ground. ● Lightweight, heavy duty Stringing Ground installs anywhere along the length of conductor to provide a continuous grounding bond, even if the conductor is slack. Constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy with large diameter sheaves and bronze bushing bearings. Side opening for quick, easy installation. Adjustable compression spring assures proper contact for different sizes of conductor and for easy passage of splices. In tests, this clamp withstood a 25kA, 28 cycle short circuit. The three options for a ground tap connection are: termination for ground cables, contact/hanger stud and connector for ground wire. 4310 ● ASTM Grade/Class: Grade 5 ● Main Line Range: 5/8 - 11 UNC, Max. ● Cable Size: 470, Type VI, Threaded Stud, Compression Ferrule ● Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz
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