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Arc Flash PPE

AS1000HAT and AS1200HAT - AFHOOD Kits

AS1000HAT and AS1200HAT - AFHOOD Kits

AS1000HAT and AS1200HAT - AFHOOD Kits_1
The AS1000HAT & AS1200HAT Kits make your Personal Protective Equipment purchasing even easier. These convenient kits contain an AS1000HAT or AS1200HAT, a 10 cal/cm2, 15 cal/cm2 , or 20 cal/cm2 ATPV rated AFHOOD, safety glasses and an ASBAG. The SKA kits are an ideal kit to use with PPE programs that exceed 8 cal/cm2 or with 8 cal/cm2 to 12 cal/cm2 ATPV rated coveralls and jackets. Features & Benefits: ● NOTE: Due to AS1000HAT ATPV rating of 10 cal/cm2, protection greater than 10 cal/cm2 cannot be achieved. Due to AS1200HAT ATPV rating of 12 cal/cm2, protection greater than 12 cal/cm2 cannot be achieved. ● Important : The maximum Arc Flash Protection of a kit is equal to the lowest cal/cm2 rating of any component in the selected safety kit.
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