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Howard Leight


Intelligent Hearing Protection & Communication System (Military)

Safe, smart hearing: a soldier’s tactical advantage Imagine the danger created for soldiers who have suffered hearing damage as a result of exposure to weapons fire or an IED explosion, and are unable to hear commands or incoming fire. If their hearing is impaired, they and their platoon are at a higher risk of not clearly hearing communications or incoming enemy fire.The QUIETPRO® QP400 intelligent hearing protection and communication system from Honeywell turns that potential impairment into a tactical weapon. It transforms a soldier’s hearing from a point of vulnerability to a tactical advantage.Based on combat-proven technology, QUIETPRO QP400 is the only intelligent hearing protection and communication system that provides smart personal hearing protection, enhancement, and clear communication throughout the full spectrum of training and deployment operations.With QUIETPRO QP400, leaders can feel confident that their soldiers maintain full combat hearing readiness before, during, and after deployment, and have an increased quality of life well after service.Clearest communication and speech intelligibility even in high noise.Connected to tactical radios and other comms platforms, QUIETPRO QP400 allows soldiers to communicate without compromising listening quality, even under high-noise situations. It also enables soldiers to speak at a normal level and be heard without picking up environmental noises or compromising speech intelligibility — especially in covert operations.Always listening, always on. QUIETPRO QP400’s bionic hearing expands soldiers’ personal situational awareness, understanding, and communication by adapting to changing noise and enhancing their hearing by amplifying external sounds. A soldier can detect immediate threats in sensitive operations and at further distances, assess rapidly changing environments and potential threats, and make smarter decisions about actions in combat.Flexible, smart radio communications. On foot patrol, mounted in a vehicle, or in the air, QUIETPRO QP400 provides full jump-on/plug-in transition throughout all mobility platforms. In fact, QUIETPRO QP400 adapts to the widest range of radio and comms platforms, maintaining simultaneous connections to personal and mounted radios, keeping soldiers networked and connected during all stages of their mission.Features & Benefits:
  • Clear radio communications, enhancing verbal commands and warnings
  • Face-to-face conversation in high noise environments at normal levels
  • Environmental sounds, including enemy movement or activity, such as footsteps, snapping twigs, absence of birdsong, cocking weapons, etc.
  • Quick connection/disconnection cables that allow speedy, flexible connection to personal and vehicle comms
  • Optimum radio interface configuration that adapts to a wide range of available radios
  • Four-channel/intercom capability via smart comms hub with dedicated mobility port, that routes audio to connect up to four separate communication channels from tactical radios or mobility platform intercom systems simultaneously
  • New ergonomic design with push-button interface. Cabling on one side eliminates excess connections
  • Can be used with mobile telephones, handsets, personal listening devices, and other systems that need to present clear audio to the soldier
  • Dosimetry : No
  • Audio Routing : Yes
  • Display Included : No
  • Battery Type : External Charging
  • Noise Reduction Technologies : Yes
  • Voice Menu Interface : Yes / Multiple Languages

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