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ConneXt Loneworker

ConneXt Loneworker

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ConneXt Loneworker makes it easy to track the location and safety status of your workers in real-time, so you can protect your business and your people, ensuring they make it home at the end of their shift. Honeywell’s unique solutions combine wirelessly enabled gas detection and sophisticated cloud based software, reliably keeping safety managers and lone workers connected all the time via cellular or satellite networks. Safety managers have real-time visibility to location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics. You can also receive man-down alerts, communicate with two-way text messages on the gas detector and more. Overview: Do you have workers who operate alone in remote areas? If these workers were exposed to toxic gas, how quickly would you know? ConneXt Loneworker solutions come in two types — Loneworker Facility and Loneworker Vehicle — helping you make faster, smarter decisions to protect your people and assets while improving productivity. Loneworker Facility Do you have workers operating alone in tank farms, storage facilities or other parts of your property? Do workers in your plant sometimes slip out of sight or sound to check equipment? Use Loneworker Facility to monitor their safety and location in near real time. Just combine a MicroRAE detector with a smartphone and our remote monitoring software. Simply use Bluetooth to pair the smartphone with the detector and download Honeywell’s Safety Communicator mobile app, which relays data from the gas detector to the software. Get More Value From The Smartphones Your Workers Are Already Carrying • Turn each phone into a wireless hub for remote monitoring • Drive more productivity while avoiding additional costs • Safety Communicator app operates in the background Don’t Have Smartphones For Your Workers? Now It’s Easy And Affordable To Get Them - With Intrinsic Safety • Bundle deals available covering gas detector, intrinsically safe smartphone, data and voice plan and a subscription to the cloud-based software • Industrial-grade smartphones that can improve your workers’ productivity • Push to talk feature can replace radio • At the end of your subscription term, the equipment is yours to keep Reliable Connectivity • Communicates over cellular network and Wi-Fi to ensure continued coverage • In a wireless black spot, the system will continue to collect gas data and transmit to the cloud software as soon as the signal returns Loneworker Vehicle Do you have lone workers who spend their days alone in remote areas, driving from one site to another? Whether they’re performing tasks at drill pads, cell towers or wind turbines, equip them with Loneworker Facility for near real time safety and location data, plus vehicle telematics. Loneworker Vehicle is the only solution to combine remote worker gas detection AND vehicle telematics into one web-based monitoring platform. Just combine a MicroRAE gas detector with our vehicle-mounted router and remote monitoring software. In addition to maintaining realtime visibility of your workers’ gas status and physiological conditions, you can track vehicle location and worker behavior — as another way to improve safety, optimize operations and manage costs. A one-stop dashboard for tracking safety, efficiency and assets • Quickly see the status of each lone worker • Gas readings, emergency safety alerts, fuel consumption and more • Combine Google Maps with custom overlays to pinpoint the location of your lone workers • Easy cloud-based software interface Reliable connectivity • Communicates over both cellular and satellite networks for continuous coverage • If a cellular network is unavailable, Loneworker Vehicle will automatically find a satellite signal Integrated fleet management and driver scorecards • See where your vehicles are at all times • Additional vehicle data helps you can manage your vehicles and workers more efficiently • Track asset usage, reduce fuel costs, anticipate maintenance and improve safety • Create reports on safety and cost management for each lone worker • Set notifications for vehicles leaving a storage yard or jobsite, helping you prevent theft and quickly recover any lost property. Features & Benefits: • Combines wirelessly enabled gas detection and sophisticated cloud based software • See real-time gas readings on each lone worker’s detector - from a remote monitoring location • Get instant notifications of gas alarms and man-down alerts, so you can plan the right response • Real-time visibility of location, detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics • Send and receive messages from lone workers - all in one interface. Quick Specs: • MicroRAE wireless gas monitor: include a panic alarm, two-way texting and IntelliFlash™ light for compliance at a glance • Cloud-based monitoring platform: combines maps and custom overlays for easy, precise tracking and worker communication • Cellular, WiFi and optionally satellite networks: ensure continued communications and real-time monitoring - no matter how remote your workers are.
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