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This is What the Future of Safety Glasses Looks Like

More than 20,000 workplace eye injuries occur each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The good news? 90% of them can be prevented by simply wearing safety eyewear, the American Academy of Ophthalmology writes.

Yet concerns of discomfort deter workers from doing so. And especially wearers of prescription safety glasses. In fact, the number of vision correction users is steadily growing, due to an aging workforce and blue screens affecting people’s eyesight.

Avatar OTG was created to address the safety needs of RX wearing individuals, while ensuring comfort, style and high-impact resistance. What are visionary safety glasses made of? Learn here.

The epitome of comfort

Prescription eyeglasses, unless specifically designed to be used as safety glasses, can’t be worn as protective eye gear.

“Nobody is protected by their non-Safety Rx eyewear alone. It’s vital that workers wear safety glasses over their prescription eyewear to conduct jobs safely and efficiently,” says Wanda Sanchez-Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Honeywell Industrial Safety.

With this customer need in mind, Honeywell created the Uvex Avatar OTG eyewear, an ultra-light eyewear solution packed with the latest technology in protective eyewear for enhanced comfort.

Avatar OTG is uniquely designed to disperse weight through the brow and nose piece. The Multi-Material Technology® Plus (MMT+) on the brow, temple and nose touchpoints provides soft, yet exceptional grip.

It is customizable to fit a broad spectrum of face sizes and shapes. It features ratcheting temples for 15 degrees of angle-adjustment. Its ultra-adjustable nose piece offers three vertical positions and flexes to accommodate a wide range of nose bridge widths. Insulated wire-core temples allow for a personalized fit that’s safe for dielectric use, too.

“Comfort and protection will always be the most important factors in eyewear selection”, Sanchez-Miller says. “Key is to ensure the safety glasses are worn, kept on the face. If workers like the way they look, assuming they are comfortable, they will not take them off.”

Additionally, the patented indirect venting technology promotes air circulation to significantly reduce lens fogging.

New Product of the Year

In recognition of its outstanding features, Avatar OTG recently received the “New Product of the Year” award from OH&S magazine. OH&S awards new products for their true ability to solve challenges of workplace safety, focusing on three criteria: comfort, practicality and convenience.

“OH&S’ New Product of the Year contest saw an outstanding number of entries that prove industry manufacturers are dedicated to producing products that not only function to optimize worker safety, but also are comfortable, practical and convenient,” Sydny Shepard, editor of OH&S, said in a press release.

If you want to know more about this outstanding eyewear solution, visit our website.

“Avatar OTG makes it easy to outfit today’s diverse workforce with extremely comfortable, adjustable safety eyewear while ensuring proper vision correction is maintained – and its good looks encourage all-day wear”, Sanchez-Miller says. “We are proud of our team who helped skyrocket this new product. Equally, we are grateful for our customers and for the end-users who confide in Honeywell Uvex®”.